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The Tib Bar™ is currently a pre-order item, due to ship from stock arriving during the week commencing 4th March.

The Tib Bar™ is a high-quality piece of equipment designed to weight-load your tibialis anterior muscle on the front of your shin. A strong tibialis muscle is the first line of defence for knee, ankle and shin pain, including shin splints. This device exposes your tibialis and ankle to full plantar flexion (pointed toes) to increase ankle strength and range of motion - making you more athletic. This full ankle flexion requires weight-loading and is not available through simple bodyweight tibialis raises.

Use the Tib Bar to squat lower, jump higher and run faster.  

Product features include: 

  • 2" Olympic weight collar included. 
  • Designed to fit any sized foot. 
  • Foam padding to make exercising comfortable.
  • Long weight-loading beam to allow for wide weight plates. 
  • A sturdy frame made from Iron. 
  • Sized for standard 2" weight plates for commercial and home uses.

Our Tib Bar and weight plates bundle includes:

  • Tib Bar
  • 1 x 1.25kg, 1 x 2.5kg and 1 x 5kg Custom Black Rubber Tri-Grip Weight Plates
  • 2" Olympic Weight Collar

The Tib Bar™ is fully commercial grade and exclusive to Slant Board Ltd. It is delivered fully assembled and ready to use. Weight plates are not included unless stated. 

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    Watch Personal Trainer and ATG Level 2 Coach, Josh Whitlock, give his top tips on using the Tib Bar

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