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This Single Slant Wedge package consists of three separate wedges: two 9° wedges and one 18° wedge. Therefore the set can be used on both legs at a 9° or 18° position, or single-legged at 9°, 18°, 27° or 36°.

The lightweight and portable design means that you can take your favourite exercises anywhere and progress at a level you feel comfortable. From VMO squats to calf stretches, these wedges provide a strong platform for you to build lower-body strength and flexibility. 


What are Slant Wedges?

Slant Wedges are a versatile fitness tool designed to enhance lower body strength and aid knee rehabilitation. Its inclined surface adds gravity-driven resistance, fostering muscle growth and coordination. 

What are the benefits of using Slant Wedges?

Elevating the heels allows for a much deeper range of motion in any exercise requiring a full knee bend. This allows users to target and activate muscles and ligaments deep within the knee and ankle joints which conventional exercises would not allow for. Strength in these areas serves to increase explosive power and strength and reduce pain, inflammation and the susceptibility to injury.

Are these Slant Wedges easy to use?

Yes. The interlocking design allows users to easily switch between angles of 9°, 18°, 27° or 36° for both single and dual legged exercises.

How much do the Slant Wedges weigh?

The Slant Wedges are manufactured from a very lightweight but extremely strong EPP (Expanded Poly-Propylene). Therefore, the whole set only weighs 500g. Despite this, the wedges are very hard wearing and will never lose their shape or slip during use.

What is the maximum weight that the Slant Wedges can take?

Each Slant Wedge can withstand weights of up to 250kg.

Are the Slant Wedges non-slip?

Yes. The surface of each Slant Wedge is textured to ensure optimal underfoot grip.

How large is the surface of each Slant Wedge?

Each Slant Wedge has a platform size of 30cm x 15cm

Are the Slant Wedges easy to transport and store?

Yes. Their lightweight design makes these Slant Wedges very easy to transport. The wedges will also stack into a perfect rectangle to save space when being stored or moved.