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The Single Slant Wedges are currently a pre-order item, due to ship from stock arriving during the week commencing 4th March.

This Single Slant Wedge package consists of three separate wedges: two 9° wedges and one 18° wedge. Therefore the set can be used on both legs at a 9° or 18° position, or single-legged at 9°, 18°, 27° or 36°.

The lightweight and portable design means that you can take your favourite exercises anywhere and progress at a level you feel comfortable. From VMO squats to calf stretches, these wedges provide a strong platform for you to build lower-body strength and flexibility. 

Product features include: 

  • Lightweight but strong EPP (Expanded Poly-Propylene) construction.  
  • Ability to be stacked into a rectangle for storage.
  • Cushioned material for comfort during use.
  • Large platform to fit the whole foot.
  • Rated to a load of 250kg.


This product is commercial grade and exclusive to Slant Board Ltd. 

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